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Welcome to the National Children’s Botanical Garden of Canada.

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We are a team of hard-working dreamers who love the National Capital Region, its families and its green spaces. We joined together to bring our vision to life: an expansive garden, bursting with potential and possibility, designed for children, youth and families.


When complete, the National Children’s Botanical Garden of Canada will be more than a garden. It will be a place of innovation and belonging, boasting thoughtful programming to educate guests about healthy eating, sustainability and environmental care.


The garden will be a solution for our times. It will embody climate action in its most basic form, providing children and youth with practical, tangible opportunities to connect with nature while learning what it needs to thrive.


Lush and green, filled with beauty and life, we hope this garden can one day become the destination of choice for visitors from across the country and around the globe. There, amongst the flowers and food and laughter, this garden will help lay the foundation for the future health of children and youth and the natural world they will grow up to inherit.

grow: community

Our MISSION is to provide children, youth and families with engaging learning experiences that spark imagination, foster well-being and encourage care of the environment through the beauty and wonderment of our Garden.

Our VISION is to create a healthier, happier,

climate-resilient world.

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grow: knowledge

The National Children’s Botanical Garden of Canada is a registered charity dedicated to building Canada’s first botanical garden devoted entirely to children, youth and families.


We are guided by the values of hands-on learning, belonging and living sustainably with respect for the central role nature plays in all of our lives.


When complete, visitors from near and far will gather to explore the natural environment through engaging activities, interactive exhibits and dynamic learning experiences. Our goal is to inspire social change and common good through an appreciation of plants, nutritious food, a healthy environment, our collective communities and one another.


With no detail forgotten, we intend to create a National Children’s Botanical Garden of Canada that blends natural beauty and hard-earned knowledge; inspiration and learning; fun and relaxation. Our team prizes sustainability above all else, with plants carefully chosen by expert botanists and all structures built to meet the criteria of the International Living Future Institute.


This is an exciting journey with an extraordinary destination. We look forward to one day beginning construction on this project and welcoming our first guests to explore.

grow: in every way

These are the four key pillars of the future National Children’s Botanical Garden of Canada.


We intend to cultivate a mix of display and teaching gardens featuring flowers, vegetables and native plants. Our young guests can follow the seasons in the garden by exploring, adventuring and – best of all – getting their hands dirty with a little planting and picking as they learn how to grow and cook healthy foods.


Whether it is land guardianship and food security, energy and water conservation, carbon reduction, or safeguarding wildlife habitat, our team pledges to work with experts to create a plan to educate and involve our visitors in the preservation of the natural resources that are integral to our collective long-term sustainability.


We plan to draw on hands-on experiences to educate and inspire students of all ages, skill levels and abilities. Together, we’ll learn how to make a delicious meal, or how to plant a balcony or backyard garden through recreational programming and curriculum-based instruction that will encourage healthy, active living with a focus on creating brighter futures for all.

community projects

Social good is our priority. We invite public participation in our action learning projects, community health campaigns and collaborative learning platform, because we are stronger and more powerful when we work together towards a common goal.

grow: experience

We are a registered charity seeking to build a food- and nature-focused learning centre, activity hub, playscape and horticulture teaching garden in the National Capital Region.  

We have enlisted the assistance of the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management in conducting an initial environmental analysis and establishing the framework related to start-up and operating requirements.


Help us plant a seed so we can grow. We invite donors and sponsors to invest in a new, needed and unique opportunity for the National Capital Region. Join us as we bring the National Children’s Botanical Garden of Canada to life.

Meet our Board of Directors

Meet our Building Advisory Team

Support the Garden

grow: with us

Our team is working with dedicated volunteers and partners to raise money to make this exciting and impactful project a reality.

With lush botanicals, sweeping greenspaces and a commitment to inspiring discovery and social change, the National Children’s Botanical Garden of Canada will one day be a source of pride for all Canadians and a sought-after destination for international visitors. Our hope is to add vibrancy to the lives of local residents, to cultivate the thought leaders, scientists, farmers, chefs and global citizens of tomorrow and to be part of the solution for a better, greener future.  


We encourage all those who might be interested in supporting us to reach out and get involved.

grow: upwards

Led by our Board of Directors, our team is working tirelessly to raise support and funds to make this dream a reality.


STEP ONE | Our team is working closely with consultants and partners to secure the future site of the National Children’s Botanical Garden of Canada.


STEP TWO | After we solidify a commitment to a parcel of land, the next step is to finalize existing sponsorship funding, undertake a thorough public consultation and engage expert advisors to finalize plans for the project.


STEP THREE | Final plans in hand, we will begin construction.

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grow: connections

Interested in learning more? Fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will respond shortly.


Thank you for your interest in the National Children's Botanical Garden of Canada.

A member of our team will reach out to you shortly.

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