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Adam Miron appointed chair of the National Children's Botanical Garden of Canada

June 27, 2023
June 27, 2023

OTTAWA, July 10, 2023 – The National Children’s Botanical Garden of Canada (NCBGC) is proud to step further into the national and global spotlight as a leading provider of environmental education and engagement. After a decade of cultivating green dreams and nurturing youthful curiosity, we are ready to share our vision on a larger stage. To facilitate this growth, we are delighted to announce the expansion of our Board of Directors with three distinguished additions and the appointment of renowned entrepreneur Adam Miron as our Chair of the Board.


The NCBGC has been diligently sowing seeds of hands-on learning, belonging, and sustainable living. Our goal to be the foremost botanical garden focused on children, youth, and families, has guided our dedication to creating a space of innovation, learning, and community engagement. We are working towards being more than a garden - we are a beacon for environmental care and sustainable practices.


Our mission is to spark imagination, foster well-being, and encourage care for the environment through engaging learning experiences. Our vision is a healthier, happier, climate-resilient world. As a registered charity, we aim to inspire social change and the common good through the appreciation of plants, nutritious food, a healthy environment, and each other.


The NCBGC has four foundational pillars: inspiring gardens, a focus on sustainability, experiential education, and community engagement. Each aspect is designed to inspire, engage, and enlighten our young visitors and their families.


In this new chapter, we are thrilled to introduce three additions to our Board of Directors:


Azam Ishmael, with a strong background in political leadership and innovative technologies, brings his expertise from roles such as National Director of the Liberal Party of Canada and National Campaign Director for the 2021 federal election campaign.


Ben Trefler, with his robust financial experience as the Head of Investments at Ela Capital Inc., and past roles at Brookfield Asset Management and KPMG Canada, will help drive the financial strategy of the NCBGC.


Kari Kramp, Senior Scientific Manager of Applied Research and Innovation at Loyalist College and School Board Trustee for the Hastings and Prince Edward District Board of Education, lends her passion for education and scientific knowledge to our team.


We are also honoured to announce Adam Miron as our Chair of the Board of Directors. A serial entrepreneur, co-founder of a billion-dollar startup, and co-chair of Invest Ottawa, Adam brings his business acumen and expertise in marketing campaigns and investment to guide the NCBGC to new heights.


Our CEO and former Chair, Clare Grosskleg, who has been instrumental in the development of the NCBGC, will continue to make invaluable contributions as she remains on the Board and retains her role as CEO. Clare Grosskleg, through her innovative and award-winning expertise in talent learning and development through her senior roles at Canada Post and multiple accomplishments in the community, will continue to inspire our regenerative vision. 


The Board of Directors is further strengthened by the reappointment of the following Directors:


Catherine Day, a Chief Administrative Officer with a federal association, brings a wealth of experience in various industries, including sales, professional development, and administration.


Mundeep Gill, Senior Advisor of Innovation and Change at the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CHMC) adds his extensive background in corporate planning, performance measurement, and process management to our team.


Kate Landry, Board Secretary and Senior Manager for Community Action at WWF-Canada, contributes deep nonprofit leadership and governance experience in the youth, community and conservation sectors.


Jillian Smith, a manager at the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, brings over a decade of experience in project management, environmental regulation, and stakeholder relations.


Christina Vechsler, chair of the governance committee and an Associate Lawyer at Tierney Stauffer LLP, brings her experience advising clients in Corporate, Commercial, Energy, Environmental, and Municipal law.


In addition, we are proud to announce our Building Advisory Team:


Anna Harman, Senior Advisor, Decarbonization Strategy at Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL).


Jeff Latto, a retired architect with extensive professional experience in public buildings.


Sean Lundy, President and CEO of M.P. Lundy Construction.


As the NCBGC grows and evolves, we do so with gratitude for the work of the past decade and anticipation for what the future holds. We look forward to our ongoing work towards establishing a garden where we can welcome new and returning visitors, share our passion for the natural world, and cultivate a garden that helps shape the environmental stewards of tomorrow.


About the National Children’s Botanical Garden of Canada:


The National Children’s Botanical Garden of Canada is a registered charity committed to inspiring children, youth, and families to care for the environment. With ten years of history, we are stepping into the spotlight to share our hands-on experiences, sustainability education, curriculum-based instruction, and community health campaigns on a larger scale. Through the beauty and wonder of our garden, we aim to foster a love for nature, a commitment to sustainability, and a sense of communal belonging.

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